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Each cloud transformation journey is unique. Whether it’s public cloud migration, hybrid cloud monitoring or simplifying IT operations, we are here to help. Whichever direction you choose, the combined power of NetApp technologies and Mainstream’s public cloud expertise will help you get there – with less complexity and greater agility, scalability and control.

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Delivering a cloud environment that meets your business demands by leveraging NetApp solutions

As NetApp’s Gold Partner, Mainstream combines its extensive knowledge of NetApp technologies, certified specialists and expertise in building and managing public, as well as hybrid cloud environments, to deliver agile, high-performance infrastructure and support throughout your transformation journey. Our solutions leverage the latest NetApp products:

Azure NetApp Files

Our Microsoft and NetApp experts can help you deploy and make the most from Azure NetApp Files, a MS Azure native file storage service. Built on Netapp technology, Azure NetApp files is a reliable, powerful and simple solution for deploying file workloads in the cloud. It allows you to move all your Windows and Linux file-based applications quickly and easily, without sacrificing performance.

Amazon FSX for NetApp ONTAP

With Amazon FSX for NetApp ONTAP storage service, you can simplify migration to AWS while maintaining on-prem standards. Essentially, this service allows you to launch and run file systems powered by NetApp’s ONTAP software in the cloud.

Cloud Insights

Today’s hybrid cloud environments can be difficult to manage. That’s why Mainstream offers you a service that provides that highest level of visibility across your entire IT environment, from on-premise systems to the cloud. With NetApp Cloud Insights, you’ll be able to monitor all your resources, analyse resource usage to optimize your cloud spending and detect threats to your environment before they cause any damage.

Cloud Tiering

Many companies are struggling to keep pace with growing volumes of data, including unstructured data. We can help you overcome data management challenges by deploying Ne- tApp Cloud Tiering, a solution that allows you to move infrequently accused (cold) data to lower cost storage. As well as reducing cloud costs, Cloud Tiering can help optimize data center usage, which makes it an ideal solution for hybrid or multi-cloud environments.

Which NetApp solution is best for your environment?

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Why Mainstream

NetApp expertise

As well as having the NetApp Gold Partner status, we are an accredited NetApp Services partner with a proven track-record of delivering transformative cloud solutions using NetApp’s hybrid cloud data services.

Public cloud experience

Our public cloud experience runs deep. Through our partnerships with leading cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, we help companies simplify and accelerate their path to the cloud, in ways that best meet their business and IT needs.

Cloud insights & expertise

With more than 100 cloud and system engineers, Mainstream is the biggest hub of cloud expertise in South East Europe region. Our certified experts combine deep insights, gained through 200+ cloud projects, with expertise across development, engineering, cloud management, optimization and consulting.

Meet our Expert

David Bevc

Cloud Transformation Strategist

David is an experienced NetApp solutions Architect with over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. David is a cloud enthusiast who believes that multi-cloud environments are the future. Currently, he holds various certifications ranging from servers, storage, and mailing systems to databases, including Microsoft, VMware, NetApp, AWS and Citrix certifications. He was also invited to as the only member of NetApp A-Team in South East Europe and further. The NetApp A-Team members are part of a strong community of like-minded technologists who share an interest in becoming more knowledgeable about NetApp and the IT industry.

David currently serves as Cloud Transformation Strategist at Mainstream, a SEE leader in multi-cloud services. As more companies than ever are shifting to private as well as public cloud solutions, he advises customers on how to maximise the efficiency of their IT ecosystems, wherever they reside.

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