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Unlock cloud cost savings and optimize your IT spending with Spot by NetApp and Mainstream’s support.

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Cloud costs leaving a sour taste?

You are not alone. According to industry reports, 49% of enterprises struggle to keep their cloud spending under control. While there could be many reasons why your cloud costs are skyrocketing, from shadow IT to workloads running on inefficient resources, one thing is for sure: it’s time to spend less. Here’s how.

One tool and one partner for cost reduction across all public clouds

By combining our deep cloud management expertise and cutting-edge solutions from Spot by NetApp, we help organisations improve their resource allocation and reduce computing spend across all leading public cloud platforms - AWS, Azure and GCP.

Our approach to optimisation starts with IT infrastructure cost analysis. This is where we take a look into your cloud environment to identify areas which are using inefficiencies, provide recommendations on how to cut costs without sacrificing performance, and estimate potential savings.

We then help you integrate Spot by Netpp within your environment and take advantage of spot, reserved and on-demand instances to curb cloud costs. With Spot by NetApp and Mainstream's support, you can start saving quickly, predict cloud costs more accurately and simplify infrastructure management through auto-scaling and resource optimization.

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Delivering results to our clients is our no. 1 priority. This approach, together with proven methodologies, efficient processes and support services, has earned us the reputation of SEE’s leading cloud partner.

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Get access to certified AWS, Azure and GCP cloud experts with real-world experience and a proven track-record of managing and optimizing resources on each platform.

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Cloud value

As NetApp’s partner with the highest number of competencies in the region, we help our clients take advantage of NetApp’s world-class technologies to solve their most pressing cloud challenges and unlock growth opportunities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to achieve cloud savings using Spot by NetApp?
You can start saving almost right away once we integrate Spot by NetApp into your Azure, AWS or GCP environment. Our teams will perform a cost analysis to give you an estimate of how much you could reduce your cloud costs by using Spot by NetApp.
Why should I choose Spot by NetApp for cloud cost optimization?
Unlike other cost optimization tools that are available in the market, Spot by NetApp takes advantage of spot and reserved instances to enable cost savings. The tools automates IT infrastructure provisioning by analysing workload requirements in real-time and allocating instances to run a variety of workloads at large discounts.
How do I benefit from working with a Netpp partner?
Working with an accredited NetApp partner, with experience in managing cloud resources across all major platforms such as AWS, Azure and GCP, means your company gets access to specialised expertise, proven methodologies and integration experience. If you’d like to learn more about how we help organizations optimize their cloud costs, please contact us directly.
Can I cancel my service?
You can cancel your NetApp service anytime, there is no minimum commitment period.

Talk with our NetApp expert

David Bevc — Cloud Transformation Strategist

David is an experienced NetApp solutions Architect with over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. David is a cloud enthusiast who believes that multi-cloud environments are the future. Currently, he holds various certifications ranging from servers, storage, and mailing systems to databases, including Microsoft, VMware, NetApp, AWS and Citrix certifications. He was also invited to as the only member of NetApp A-Team in South East Europe and further. The NetApp A-Team members are part of a strong community of like-minded technologists who share an interest in becoming more knowledgeable about NetApp and the IT industry.

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