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It’s 2023. Every company wants to go digital, but it can be hard to decide what to begin with.

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  • How to integrate digital technologies across multiple business areas: operations, employee engagement, customer relationships.
  • The role of new technologies, such as cloud computing, in digital transformation
  • Key KPIs for successful digital projects.

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    The keys to planning a successful digital shift

    Digital transformation is in full swing. According to the latest research, 89% of all companies have already adopted a digital-first business strategy, and those who haven’t are planning to do so. If that’s you, you may be wondering where to start.

    Becoming a digital company isn’t just about replacing legacy systems with new technology – if only it were that simple. To achieve results from digitisation, organizations need to adopt a holistic approach to transformation, which takes into account their business models, processes and culture, as well as technology.

    Because it involves several factors, digital transformation may seem daunting – but with adequate planning, it can be a smooth shift.That’s why we’ve created this free guide for you to explore some key elements of your transformation and start planning your digital journey. You can use it to better understand how your company currently works and define what aspects of your business can benefit from change.

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    Why Mainstream

    More than a decade of experience

    Our consultants, engineers and DevOps experts have 15+ years of experience in helping companies with technology and app modernization, infrastructure automation and other digital transformation initiatives.

    Digital transformation expertise

    We’ve worked with a leading bank on the largest digital transformation project in South East Europe, and many local, as well as regional, corporations to modernize IT environments, manage operations and increase efficiency and value.

    Cloud-first partner

    As the region’s leading cloud provider, we help companies leverage a wide range of cloud solutions and platforms to reduce the need for on-premise technology, drive agility, scalability and business growth.

    Free digital transformation guide

    This guide will help you understand what it means to digtally transform your business, as well as how to define the key steps for your transition.

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